Less than a week till Flip!

That’s right, less than a week till Flip! Here are the events im looking forward to especially:
Motor Functions Private View – Thursday 1st Nov 6pm (all welcome).
An exhibition of Kinetic sculpture by artist Steve Hutton, a great way of looking an animation differently.

Animation in the YouTube Generation – Friday 2nd November 3.30 – 6.00pm
This is a dream of an event for a self confessed YouTube geek like myself! Expect debate a plenty.

Trunk: Music – Friday 9.00 – 10.30pm
Music videos are finally getting the recognition they deserve from festivals in the last few years, so this will be a great chance to pop into the cinema with a beer (free beer i might add – thanks CobraVision!)  and catch the work of Trunk.

Stop Motion Forever – Saturday 12.30 – 4.15pm Saturday 
I have grown up in the ‘digital age’ with CG films like Toy Story i am still really attracted to the craft of stop motion animation. I am looking forward to hearing about the past and more importantly the future of stop motion. An event about Stop motion couldn’t be more relevant at this time, with many animation fans becoming more interested in stop motion than CG. A great example of this is the new Sony Bravia advert, which is possibly the most large scale stop motion project ever created (do let me know if this isn’t correct though!). The project and more importantly the budget proves that Stop Motion is here to stay. Here is the making of the Bravia advert:

See you at Flip!


YouTube update

I’m pleased to announce Mick Foley from Sumo Dojo productions is joining the panel on 2 Nov to discuss animation in the YouTube generation. Mick is becoming a regular at Flip and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge about old and new media platforms.  His production company embraces the ‘hub’ ethos, I suppose some might call it a collective, but it’s something I see more of as a businesses model for animation and media production. It has the flexibility of scale (people can work as freelancers on there own or as a group on bigger projects), and it means you are linked into a ready made supply chain. It also means you can identify and bring on new talent, which is the lifeblood of the industry. This might be heavy stuff to discuss on a festival blog, but since Flip emerged out of a business support ethos, it’s actually very relevant. Currently, the West Midlands animation and media scene doesn’t tend to think in terms of hubs and collectives. They function more as closed individual units. On a slightly connected note, Chris Randall, one of the student competition judges, commented at the press launch last week that Flip’s main value was that it gave him the opportunity to view upcoming talent.  Chris’ company, Second Home Productions, is a fairly recent venture and it very much embraces new talent and the collective ethos, and indeed I know Chris has already contacted some of this year’s animation graduates to bring them into the fold. I think it will be interesting to see how he develops and to see whether the region’s media does begin to embrace the hub ethos and indeed whether Flip can be a catalyst in helping to create that model. I’d welcome comments


Flip Press Launch

The Flip Festival press launch was held yesterday at Cineworld in Birmingham, and it was a great success. Many thanks to Screen WM and Animation Forum for all the hard work and support, as well as the panellists and all who attended. It was a celebratory day for animation in the West Midlands, and a chance to put faces to names for a lot of the attendees. The Animation Forum showreel was screened which really captured how vibrant and diverse the work is that is coming from the region. I especially enjoyed seeing ‘The Animal Book’ (Second Home Productions) for a second time since the Digital Shorts screening at Light House, it is such a beautiful and well crafted film which is deservedly receiving worldwide recognition at festivals.
You can read what the press have to say about the launch at Created in Birmingham, and The Birmingham Post.

Here is the Animation showreel.

See you at Flip! Kate