Boulder Media

I’m delighted to say Flip 08 will be welcoming Boulder Media from Dublin. They will be talking about their work, showcasing examples and answering audience questions. Boulder are responsible for some well know TV series and have an impressive list of clients, inlcuding Nikelodeon, Disney and Cartoon Network – see for your self: There is a Wolverhampton-Dublin connection: a number of the animators working in the Irish animation scene originally studied at Wolverhampton University, including Paul O’Flanagan, who won last year’s Flip student award with ‘Beauty Now’ and is now a Director with Boulder. We look forward to welcoming him back in November.


Pushing the envelope

One of the best parts of running a festival is receiving entries for the competition throughout the post. Each year we receive many, many international entries each packaged carefully with the most exotic stamps and postmarks you can think of. Here are a few of the packages we have received this year from far flung corners of the earth: (click image for bigger version)



Sáo Paulo


and finally china…

Beautiful! They might even deserve an exhibition at Flip this year, or that might just be me being a postage geek.

time to post

The same old story as last year: too busy to Blog, but as we are getting lots of people visiting our site I thought I ought to do the polite thing and say hello and post up a YouTube clip.  The festival organising thing doesn’t get any less hectic and this time of the year is always the most crazy when I’m waiting for people to confirm while others are pulling out and to top it all everybody seems to be going on holiday except me. In other words, the programme isn’t confirmed. But there are things in the pipleline, one thing that’s looking fairly concrete (no one’s pulled out yet) is an afternoon of Animated Dr Who, with screenings (hopefully the animated version of the lost The Invasion series) , a panel (including James Goss who commssioned the series for BBC and Jon Doyle who produced it), and a Dr Who Juke Box featuring fan animation. Start sending in your requests now.

Disney for Eisenhower

From Boing Boing:

From the Sociological Images blog: “Dwight D. Eisenhower was the first presidential candidate to use television commercials. Below is one of his commercials, made by Disney, from 1952. Eisenhower was skeptical about using television and his opponent, Stevenson, wouldn’t appear on television because he thought it demeaning to a man ascending to the presidency. Eisenhower won.” Link