The Marshall Plan

Listening to start the week yesterday there was a really interesting bit on films that were made in the late 40s and early 50s promoting the Marshall Plan – that’s a tough gig! Apparently there were over 250 films made and still counting as they unearth more gems. One film intrigued me, a Halas & Bachelor ‘cartoon’, called the Shoemaker and the Hatter: how did it go about promoting this riveting subject? I had a browse on youtube to find out, but no luck. But I did find this film, New Town, about town planning. Gosh, the future looked good back then. You can see the Marshall Plan films at The Barbican .


The Great Animation Challenge

Flip have teamed up with Animation Forum West Midlands and Imagine Magazine to bring you The Great Animation Challenge. The idea is that we speak to a couple of bands and they very generously supply a track which you then animate. The best films get screened at Light House in Wolverhampton (the home of Flip) and the winning animator gets a free subscription to Imagine Magazine. It’s a simple as that. So get animating!