Flip Branding

It’s that time of year again, when we’ve been thinking about what Flip 09 branding will look like.

Usually this side of things is a result of a bit of planning and lots of luck. In the past we have seen images and art work from actual films or animators that we like and have adapted it for flyers, web banners, etc. You can imagine that process, not something you can actually plan for.

This year I’ve been a bit more proactive in terms of looking for animators and artwork and I came up trumps with A Man and Ink, who first caught my eye because they had already branded a film festival. Anyway, those goodfellas at A Man and Ink have been working on some artwork, which we’ve been drooling over here at Flip HQ for the past couple of weeks now. On top of that though, we’ve ‘discovered’ a fantastic designer, Rob Hildreth, who put the artwork together and Flip 09 promises, if nothing else, to produce some great flyers, T shirts and badges….Watch this space…

…all will be revealed on Monday 6 July.


The making of…

The “Deadline” animation posted last week I came across by accident by indiscriminately clicking links on animation websites I’ve been looking at while getting to grips with Flip.  I , as I’ve said before, do have a soft spot for stop motion, so when I saw it I was impressed,  I remember thinking, and actually writing.”I wonder how many post its were used to make it?”… well now we know.

Whilst reading my RSS this morning I came across a post on Dark Roasted Blend with a link to  “Deadline the making of”

The original article also has another “post it” related video which has nothing to do with animation, but made me smile none the less. I’ll let you follow the link over there to see that one if you wish but for now here for anyone that is interested is “Deadline the making of.”

Steph x

Still working hard…

Wow, there’s a lot to learn about Flip, and animation in general. I thought I had a good idea of what it was all about, but I’m quickly discovering how wrong one person can be. So while I’m still trawling through the deluge of information Peter has provided for me to come up to speed I thought I’d share another animation that has caught my eye.

I would love to know just how many post it notes he used doing this!

…I promise all my posts wont be stop animation, although it’s one of my favourite forms of animation, I’m sure if they were you’d all get bored pretty soon!

Steph x


Hi, my name is Steph and I’ve been invited by Peter, “the Flip Master” himself,  to blog on this here website.

I work with Peter at Light House, I can be found loitering around reception answering phones and generally smiling like a goon at everyone who comes in. I’m responsible for, amongst other things, keeping all Light House’s social media up to date, the blog, facebook, myspace, twitter etc, and now this too.

I thought I’d ease myself gently into the world of Flip by stopping by, saying a quick hello and posting a video of a brilliant use of stop motion animation, in a wedding invite. At 4 mins 15 secs he must have really loved his wife to be to put this much effort in….