Flipping the Lid

This year’s Flip includes a mini invasion by me and brother Greg. Yes, Peter has let us (The Brothers McLeod) loose on putting together a programme of short animations for the festival. We’ve picked a bunch of animations that have inspired, interested, amused or shocked us in one way or another. It should be a very varied screening with practically no common thread between the films other than we like them and hope they’ll inspire you too.

Thanks go to Holly who’s actually doing all the leg work finding out whether the films are available and requesting them for the festival.

I don’t think we’ve selected anything by any local filmmakers (that could be a whole other programme!), but I do hope they will be well represented. While in Annecy, local animator Sarra Hornby showed me her latest award winning animation on her iPhone. And now I’m showing it to you! Enjoy.

String Feary from Sarra Hornby on Vimeo.


London Animation Festival

Too late for Flip….

… but worth a look:

A Record Of Life from Owen Gatley on Vimeo.


instant animation


I came acoss this installation by Tim Knappen. The clever device instantly animates your drawing and projects it onto the ceiling. Looks like loads of fun and cuts out the pain and¬†loneliness of doing it the normal way. But hang on, isn’t it all about pain and isolation?! Not sure about that one. But for non animators like me with very short attention spans, it looks fun.