Infinite Bears.

Since I started working on the Flip website with Peter, people I know (and some that I don’t) send me links to animations that often entertain, amuse and in some instances bemuse me.

In the last week I have received links to two videos, Deadline is one I’ve posted previously so I wont share again (but it made me feel smug to be able to go HA seen it) – and the other has just left me scratching my head…

I suspect a misspent youth of frogger tournaments;  what do you think?

Steph xx



I really like this lollipop animation from the Bros McLeod, and so many opportunities for punning. The acting is a bit wooden though (whoops!)

BAFTA 2010

congratulations to Emma Lazenby on winning this year’s award with Mother of Many. We screened her film at Flip 09 as part of the ArthurCox spotlight.

In transition

It’s that time again where we look at getting ready for the new year’s festival and while Peter sits at his desk talking to animators and designers and universities and who knows who else about a whole lot things I don’t understand, I sit at mine playing with the website – adding and changing things as I’m instructed (and sometimes when I’m not) to gear up for the deluge of new information that were going to supply you with about Flip 2010.

This post is just a “bare with us while were making these changes” – you may sometimes notice a page go off line for it to reappear moments later or things not where you left them on your last visit;  All I can say is it will all be worth it in end but in the mean time enjoy this picture of a cartoon cat because, hey, who doesn’t love a cartoon cat?

Simon's Cat

Steph xxx