So – It’s all change!

Work for Flip 2010 is well under way with submissions pouring into Flip HQ from all over the world.

Not content with keeping ourselves busy with the deludge of mail and animations to trawl through, we also decided that this year not only would our web page get a whole new look – it would also get a whole new home so we’ve moved sites and servers.

So now we have a new home to decorate, make coffee in and talk about all things Flip.Please visit for your regular updates from the Flip team.

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Sneak Peak

Drew Roper, our animator in residence, has been locked away in his darkened room, toiling away on his latest project for local Midlands fashion company LUKE 1977.

The complete animation will explain an alternative history to denim – how the Americans stole the idea from right here in the Midlands.

With the voice of “Johnny Roper” being supplied by Mark Williams, Star of The Fast Show, ‘Harry Potter and 101 Dalmatians, to name but a few, this short clip shows Drew’s work in progress….

Drew has asked us to point out that this is a rough draft render of the scene so it doesn’t portray the correct quality or correct ‘happenings’ within the scene regarding the edit – but personally I think its pretty smart as it is!

Steph x

Linked news: 36 Minute Interview with Jeffrey Katzenberg

Again another something interesting I picked up on from my RSS – this time from

/Film’s tag line – blogging the reel world, should hint at what they write about, they cover pretty much anything film and cinema related and hence cover a fair bit about animated features and events too.

Today they have a video of an interview with Jeffrey Katzenberg the Head of Animation over at Dream Works;

Katzenberg talks about his Disney years, being fired by Michael Eisner, the formation of DreamWorks, 3D filmmaking, Avatar, his response to Roger Ebert, the future of cinema and downfall of DVD, the failure of DreamWorks, the future of DreamWorks Animation, movies as shared events, a respect for time, his experiences in politics.

Head over to see the  interview at

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Dry Fish

Andy Martin is a freelance designer/director based in London who has worked on projects for Channel 4, Sky One and the BBC to name a few. I had never heard of him until yesterday, when browsing my RSS I followed a link from the Neatorama website to his latest animation on Vimeo.

With a tag line that reads…

Sometime you find yourself in a place that you just can’t explain and quite often it can be a little bit worrying.This animated short tells of one such occasion as our hero tries to express his feelings in the only way he can…via the medium of song.

…I just had to share it with you.

You can read about the making of Dry Fish over on Andy’s blog www.andymartin.onfo/blog

Steph xxx

Iceland Eyjafjallajökull, Time Lapse

With all the UK news outlets reporting just one story for the last week it was sometimes hard to remember there was other things going on in the world. For instance it was only 2 weeks ago that the volcano, whose name no could pronounce, bought a large part of European airspace to a standstill – and it is still spewing forth its sulphurous plume.

Luckily US Photographer/Cinematographer Sean Steigemeier wasn’t as caught up with the state of the UK electoral system as those with cameras closer to home. He spent 4 days travelling to Iceland to put together the most beautiful time lapse video.

Just watching this film makes me even more determined to get over to Iceland with my own camera one day – Unless of course someone wants to pay for me to go sooner – I’ll pay you back by baking cookies?

Steph xxx

Election Fever – It’s not over yet…

It seems the whole of the UK has been swept away with the election furore. A hung Parliament, a Con/Lid Dem coalition? A minority government? No one is sure where all this is going to lead and with every 2nd person becoming a political commentator it unsurprising that some animators got in on the act too.

BBC Newsnight turned to cult cutting-edge animators, Apple Daily (you will need a translator to view this page), to give an overview or the UK general election campaign in cartoon form.

Using CGI they portray amusing parodies of the party leaders and a tongue cheek look at some of the some of the key moments of the election including “Cleggmania” and “Bigotgate”

The following animation is the Apple Daily interpretation of  “Cleggmania”.

You can see all the animations commisioned by Newsnight over on the BBC Newsnight Website.

Steph xxx

Museum Movies Film Competition

Are you interested in making a short film for  Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum?

They have put a call out for film makers, animators and artists from the West Midlands to enter their “Museum Movies Film Competition”

“Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum is starting an exciting new film project titled Museum Movies. We are inviting local film makers to submit short films inspired by Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum’s collections of fine and decorative art, social history, ethnography, archaeology, ceramics and glass. Have a browse through our online collections for ideas! ( Other subjects could include the history of the Royal Pump Rooms building, Leamington Spa’s historic gardens, Leamington Spa’s social history or life in 21st century Leamington Spa.

We will select the five most inspiring films and present them on our mezzanine film screen in the local history gallery. 96,000 people visit Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum every year and on a daily basis the screen is viewed by many local people and tourists. Visitors will be able to vote for their favourite film and the film with the most votes will win the Best Film Award and £150 prize money. The award ceremony will be held on Thursday 23 September 2010 at Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum.”

It is free to enter and the competition is open to all ages and abilities. Films should be submitted in DVD format with a completed submission form by Wednesday 14 July 2010. There is no minimum length but the film should not be longer than 10 minutes. If your film is shortlisted they will contact you on Thursday 15 July.

The shortlisted films will be screened from Thursday 22 July onwards.

Please contact Tammy Woodrow on 01926 742700 or for a submission form or any other queries.

Steph xxx