Dry Fish

Andy Martin is a freelance designer/director based in London who has worked on projects for Channel 4, Sky One and the BBC to name a few. I had never heard of him until yesterday, when browsing my RSS I followed a link from the Neatorama website to his latest animation on Vimeo.

With a tag line that reads…

Sometime you find yourself in a place that you just can’t explain and quite often it can be a little bit worrying.This animated short tells of one such occasion as our hero tries to express his feelings in the only way he can…via the medium of song.

…I just had to share it with you.

You can read about the making of Dry Fish over on Andy’s blog www.andymartin.onfo/blog

Steph xxx


For those that couldn’t attend:

We know some of you would have loved to be here the other weekend to celebrate the world of animation and all things Flip with us,
and we know you probably had a very good reason for not coming didn’t you?
Loss of limb, the diagnoses of a previously unheard of illness, you know the sort of excuse you’d use to get out of school exams and we understand, we really do. This is what we have compiled a list of links for you to some of the films and blogs of animators  featured here during Flip 09…

Steve Irwin – The Black Dog’s Progress


Jake Armstrong – The Terrible Thing of Alpha-9!

Virginia Mori – Play of Silence

Bang yao liu – Deadline

Kristian Andrews – Rabbit Punch

Ed Barrett – Man Up

Taku Kimura – Kudan

Chris Warren – Vegetable Panic

Natasha Deighton – The Heistlands

Paul Barlow – Tuk Tuk


Fraser Ntukula – Tito the Armadillo

Daniel Austin – My Name Is Tom

Michael Eaton- Old Black Crow

Needless to say with my stop motion centric mind the ones using this type of animation were my favourite, but you can make up your own minds.


Steph x


Can I first of all say a big thank you to everyone who came to Flip Festival 2009, I really hope you all enjoyed the weekend as much as we did! We’re still recovering, but I’m not sure if that was from the festival itself or the *ahem* after party festivities!

Anyway you don’t really want to hear me banging on about our hangovers so without further ado here are this years winners!

Open Shorts

Sponsored by Toon Boom, Stop Motion Pro and Clare Kitson who donated her book “British Animation: The channel 4 factor”
Judges were Sarah Cox, Stuart Messinger and Greg McLeod

Best UK film: Black Dog’s Progress by Steve Irwin
Best international film:
The Terrible Thing of Alpha 9 by Jake Armstrong, USA
Best Experimental film:
Play of Silence by Virginia Mori
Best Stop Motion:
Deadline by Bang Yao Liu
Best newcomer:
Rabbit Punch by Kristian Andrews
Special Jury mention for:
Man Up by Ed Barrett
Best of Festival:
Kudan by Taku Kimura

Various prizes were given out: a big thank you to Toon Boom who gave away a copy of Toon Boom Animate in the categories of Best Film and Best UK Film; a copy of Stop Motion Pro went to Deadline by Bang Yao Liu and best newcomer, Kristian Andrews, won Clare Kitson’s book, “British Animation: The channel 4 factor”.

Student Films

Sponsored by Toon Boom
Judged by Chris Randall, Dominic Osborne and Andy guest

The overall winner was Vegetable Panic by Chris Warren from Wolverhampton University.

He received a Toon Boom studio software package a goody bag from Brother’s McLeod, badges, DVD and Books

The runners up were:

Heistlands by Natasha Deighton
Tuk, Tuk by Paul Barlow
Tito The Armadillo by Fraser Ntukula
May name is Tom by Dan Austin
Old Black Crow by Michael Eaton

They all walked away with a goody bag from Brother’s McLeod, badges, DVDs, & books.

Congratulations to all our winners, the competition for all categories across the festival was tough, I’m glad I wasn’t the one have to do the judging as I wouldn’t have know where to start!!

Here’s looking forward to Flip 2010!

Steph xx

Flip Animation Challenge

boy-4As part on the Flip programme for Thursday, the wonderful Myles Mcloed of the esteemed Brothers McLeod ran a day long Scriptwriting For Animation Workshop with the view to creating a whole bunch of scripts that I could post up here for you lovely lot to animate as part of the Flip Animation Challenge. The other half of this dynamic duo Greg McLeod would then also choose one or maybe two to animate when he takes up the position of animator in residence on Friday.

Well I was hoping for a nice simple word document or maybe a downloadable PDF to post but instead I got given a pile of paper at the end of today, just before I was due to leave for home and was  asked to “put those online for everyone to see”. Now as much as I’d like to spend my Thursday evening typing up scripts I kind of already had important plans, so we came up with a solution…

Follow this link to Light House’s Flickr page and the “Script Writing” group where you will find hi-res images that you can download of the script of your choice. Click on one of the images,  then on the top of the screen choose view all sizes and taa daaa you can download it to read. Not the most conventional way of doing thingsI know….but it’s worked!

In addition to the scripts available over of Flickr we also had two further pieces sent into us by more conventional methods which you can find by following these links:

Dead White

The Fire Dragon

You have until 5pm on Saturday 7th November to post your finished animations online over on the vimeo group with all completed films being screen at 7pm on the 7th at the festival!!

Steph x

Bostin Heroes @ Flip

Have you heard of Bostin Heroes, if not WHY NOT!!

Bostin Heroes whose aims are…

“Raising a positive and local regional pride, Bostin Heroes champions the Black Country and Birmingham through an online comic blog.”,

…and are based right here in the Black Country, home of all things Flip. They have a lovely about page over on their website which gives you a lot more information than I have time to here but you really should check them out.

If you already have tickets for, or are thinking of dropping by to this weekends festival you can catch the guys at their Bostin Heroes stand right here at Light House, Where you can see some of their work or just to say hi, or in true Black Country style – “Yam alroight!”- they’re a lovely bunch so I’m sure they don’t bite!

If the only think stopping you coming over is a worry about understanding our bostin’ Black Country dialect never fear I have done my research for you and you can bookmark this handy translator for use while in attendance… ‘Ow we spake do-wn ‘ere’ or read up on what the BBC has to say about the area here.

Steph x

Flip as landed….

Opening night tomorrow, We look forward to seeing you all here over the next 3 days!!

Fancy doing a course in Traditional Animation?

Light House, the official home of Flip isn’t just a nice place to come when we’ve animation events on.  It’s not just the ONLY independent cinema in Wolverhampton and it’s not just a building with a lovely café that serves a decent cup of fairtrade coffee. It is also a thriving photography gallery with 3 exhibition spaces and a media training centre, who in our opinion offer some of the best Media training around.

This September they are offering three 10 week courses and one of them is :

Introduction to Traditional Animation, Cost £190 + VAT

girl-1Starting Monday 28th September, 6pm – 9pm, and running every Monday for 10 weeks. Animator and tutor Steve Poultney will focus on different aspects of traditional animation techniques e.g hand drawn, montage, Stop Motion and digital 2D techniques. The course will enable you to access specialist animation kit including computer software Toon Boom and animation tablets. Steve will also cover timing, movement and sound.

Even if you are more interested in digital 3D animation this course is a great starting point to pick up the basics and for anyone looking to learn a few animation techniques, even if you have had no experience what so ever!

They are also offering:

Introduction to Film Studies – The Essentials, Cost £100 + VAT

Start Tuesday 29th September, 6pm – 9pm, and runs every Tuesday for 10 weeks Led by Canadian born Film Studies Lecturer, Kimberly Forlini-Softley, Introduction to Film Studies – The Essentials explores the basic areas of film covering genre, narrative, the history of cinema, the basics of cinematography, editing, sound and mis en scene. This course will provide you with a good grounding in becoming more ‘film literate’ as well as offering the opportunity to discuss and debate film form.

Introduction to Video Production Techniques, Cost £190 + VAT

Starts Thursday 1st October, 6pm – 9pm, and runs every Thursday for 10 weeks Delivered by our in-house Video Production tutor, Jon Turner, this course is ideal for those wanting to learn the basics of video production e.g. camera operation and functions, storyboarding, basic script development, sound recording, basic lighting techniques, post production and exploring the different roles within video production.

Even better if you are unemployed, a senior citizens or NUS members you will be eligible for a 10% concession, or if none of these apply but 2 or more courses are booked together then they will give you a 10% discount on both courses.

All 3 courses are open to beginners with no prior knowledge required but an appreciation and interest in the subjects will be a bonus.