For those that couldn’t attend:

We know some of you would have loved to be here the other weekend to celebrate the world of animation and all things Flip with us,
and we know you probably had a very good reason for not coming didn’t you?
Loss of limb, the diagnoses of a previously unheard of illness, you know the sort of excuse you’d use to get out of school exams and we understand, we really do. This is what we have compiled a list of links for you to some of the films and blogs of animators  featured here during Flip 09…

Steve Irwin – The Black Dog’s Progress

Jake Armstrong – The Terrible Thing of Alpha-9!

Virginia Mori – Play of Silence

Bang yao liu – Deadline

Kristian Andrews – Rabbit Punch

Ed Barrett – Man Up

Taku Kimura – Kudan

Chris Warren – Vegetable Panic

Natasha Deighton – The Heistlands

Paul Barlow – Tuk Tuk

Fraser Ntukula – Tito the Armadillo

Daniel Austin – My Name Is Tom

Michael Eaton- Old Black Crow

Needless to say with my stop motion centric mind the ones using this type of animation were my favourite, but you can make up your own minds.


Steph x


New Site

SO, as you may have noticed, we have a new look, and a new home, kind of, the original website address is in use still but all our information is here in one place.

What do you think?

Personally I like it, it so much nicer having all our information under one domain and the new header, WOW!! The lovely folks at A Man and Ink the illustrators and Rob Hildreth who has bought it all together, have done us proud.

Now I’ve just got to start adding content, and looking forward to Flip 2009.

Steph x

The making of…

The “Deadline” animation posted last week I came across by accident by indiscriminately clicking links on animation websites I’ve been looking at while getting to grips with Flip.  I , as I’ve said before, do have a soft spot for stop motion, so when I saw it I was impressed,  I remember thinking, and actually writing.”I wonder how many post its were used to make it?”… well now we know.

Whilst reading my RSS this morning I came across a post on Dark Roasted Blend with a link to  “Deadline the making of”

The original article also has another “post it” related video which has nothing to do with animation, but made me smile none the less. I’ll let you follow the link over there to see that one if you wish but for now here for anyone that is interested is “Deadline the making of.”

Steph x