Election Fever – It’s not over yet…

It seems the whole of the UK has been swept away with the election furore. A hung Parliament, a Con/Lid Dem coalition? A minority government? No one is sure where all this is going to lead and with every 2nd person becoming a political commentator it unsurprising that some animators got in on the act too.

BBC Newsnight turned to cult cutting-edge animators, Apple Daily (you will need a translator to view this page), to give an overview or the UK general election campaign in cartoon form.

Using CGI they portray amusing parodies of the party leaders and a tongue cheek look at some of the some of the key moments of the election including “Cleggmania” and “Bigotgate”

The following animation is the Apple Daily interpretation of  “Cleggmania”.

You can see all the animations commisioned by Newsnight over on the BBC Newsnight Website.

Steph xxx


Museum Movies Film Competition

Are you interested in making a short film for  Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum?

They have put a call out for film makers, animators and artists from the West Midlands to enter their “Museum Movies Film Competition”

“Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum is starting an exciting new film project titled Museum Movies. We are inviting local film makers to submit short films inspired by Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum’s collections of fine and decorative art, social history, ethnography, archaeology, ceramics and glass. Have a browse through our online collections for ideas! (www.lsagmcollections.org.uk) Other subjects could include the history of the Royal Pump Rooms building, Leamington Spa’s historic gardens, Leamington Spa’s social history or life in 21st century Leamington Spa.

We will select the five most inspiring films and present them on our mezzanine film screen in the local history gallery. 96,000 people visit Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum every year and on a daily basis the screen is viewed by many local people and tourists. Visitors will be able to vote for their favourite film and the film with the most votes will win the Best Film Award and £150 prize money. The award ceremony will be held on Thursday 23 September 2010 at Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum.”

It is free to enter and the competition is open to all ages and abilities. Films should be submitted in DVD format with a completed submission form by Wednesday 14 July 2010. There is no minimum length but the film should not be longer than 10 minutes. If your film is shortlisted they will contact you on Thursday 15 July.

The shortlisted films will be screened from Thursday 22 July onwards.

Please contact Tammy Woodrow on 01926 742700 or tammy.woodrow@warwickdc.gov.uk for a submission form or any other queries.

Steph xxx

Infinite Bears.

Since I started working on the Flip website with Peter, people I know (and some that I don’t) send me links to animations that often entertain, amuse and in some instances bemuse me.

In the last week I have received links to two videos, Deadline is one I’ve posted previously so I wont share again (but it made me feel smug to be able to go HA seen it) – and the other has just left me scratching my head…

I suspect a misspent youth of frogger tournaments;  what do you think?

Steph xx

In transition

It’s that time again where we look at getting ready for the new year’s festival and while Peter sits at his desk talking to animators and designers and universities and who knows who else about a whole lot things I don’t understand, I sit at mine playing with the website – adding and changing things as I’m instructed (and sometimes when I’m not) to gear up for the deluge of new information that were going to supply you with about Flip 2010.

This post is just a “bare with us while were making these changes” – you may sometimes notice a page go off line for it to reappear moments later or things not where you left them on your last visit;  All I can say is it will all be worth it in end but in the mean time enjoy this picture of a cartoon cat because, hey, who doesn’t love a cartoon cat?

Simon's Cat

Steph xxx

Lego Matrix

I’ve just picked this up off the Neatorama website and it’s too good not to share it’s a frame by frame stop motion reproduction of the bullet dodging scene from he 1st Matrix move – pretty damn awesome if you ask me!

Visit the creators website and see how they did it www.legomatrix.com

Steph x

Flip Animation Challenge

boy-4As part on the Flip programme for Thursday, the wonderful Myles Mcloed of the esteemed Brothers McLeod ran a day long Scriptwriting For Animation Workshop with the view to creating a whole bunch of scripts that I could post up here for you lovely lot to animate as part of the Flip Animation Challenge. The other half of this dynamic duo Greg McLeod would then also choose one or maybe two to animate when he takes up the position of animator in residence on Friday.

Well I was hoping for a nice simple word document or maybe a downloadable PDF to post but instead I got given a pile of paper at the end of today, just before I was due to leave for home and was  asked to “put those online for everyone to see”. Now as much as I’d like to spend my Thursday evening typing up scripts I kind of already had important plans, so we came up with a solution…

Follow this link to Light House’s Flickr page and the “Script Writing” group where you will find hi-res images that you can download of the script of your choice. Click on one of the images,  then on the top of the screen choose view all sizes and taa daaa you can download it to read. Not the most conventional way of doing thingsI know….but it’s worked!

In addition to the scripts available over of Flickr we also had two further pieces sent into us by more conventional methods which you can find by following these links:

Dead White

The Fire Dragon

You have until 5pm on Saturday 7th November to post your finished animations online over on the vimeo group with all completed films being screen at 7pm on the 7th at the festival!!

Steph x

Flip as landed….

Opening night tomorrow, We look forward to seeing you all here over the next 3 days!!