Have your own Kudan…and Best of Flip!

Last year’s Flip ‘Best of Festival’ winner Kudan by Taku Kimura has posted a download on their website to allow you to have your very own paper Kudan. As well as a number of wallpapers to download for your computer, there is a paper template for your own Kudan which you can then cut out and keep! If you’re as bigger fan as we are of his short film then this is a great little thing to get!

A paper Kudan for you to cut out and keep!

In other news, the Best of Flip 2009 starts soon with the first showing on the 15th July at Light House Media Centre, Wolverhampton. It will take place between 6:30 and 9:30.

The official text for the event states:

‘This evening’s event, run in conjunction with Animation Forum West Midlands, includes a packed programme. Beginning with a screening of the best of FLIP 2009, a 35 mins programme of award winning films from across the world. This is followed by a screening and talk from Light House Animator in Residence Drew Roper. Drew just finished his first commercial commission in between stints on The Fantastic Mr. Fox and Tim Burtons’ new Disney production. Drew will show his 3.5 min stop motion short and the sets and puppet will be on display. Finally, there will be the official launch of this year’s Great Animation Challenge, which is very much like last year’s but with an exciting twist – not to be missed. All this and networking and drinks supplied courtesy of Animation Forum West Midlands.’

To reserve a place for Best of Flip ’09 or to find out more information, contact info@light-house.co.uk

So we hope to see you there.



Flip Animation Challenge

boy-4As part on the Flip programme for Thursday, the wonderful Myles Mcloed of the esteemed Brothers McLeod ran a day long Scriptwriting For Animation Workshop with the view to creating a whole bunch of scripts that I could post up here for you lovely lot to animate as part of the Flip Animation Challenge. The other half of this dynamic duo Greg McLeod would then also choose one or maybe two to animate when he takes up the position of animator in residence on Friday.

Well I was hoping for a nice simple word document or maybe a downloadable PDF to post but instead I got given a pile of paper at the end of today, just before I was due to leave for home and was  asked to “put those online for everyone to see”. Now as much as I’d like to spend my Thursday evening typing up scripts I kind of already had important plans, so we came up with a solution…

Follow this link to Light House’s Flickr page and the “Script Writing” group where you will find hi-res images that you can download of the script of your choice. Click on one of the images,  then on the top of the screen choose view all sizes and taa daaa you can download it to read. Not the most conventional way of doing thingsI know….but it’s worked!

In addition to the scripts available over of Flickr we also had two further pieces sent into us by more conventional methods which you can find by following these links:

Dead White

The Fire Dragon

You have until 5pm on Saturday 7th November to post your finished animations online over on the vimeo group with all completed films being screen at 7pm on the 7th at the festival!!

Steph x