Flip Submission Deadline

Just a quick reminder to all: the submission deadline for this year’s Flip Festival is the 9th July….that’s just four days away!

So pop those films in the post in the next couple of days if you want the chance for your film to be in the Open Shorts section in November. I look forward to getting your film…



For those that couldn’t attend:

We know some of you would have loved to be here the other weekend to celebrate the world of animation and all things Flip with us,
and we know you probably had a very good reason for not coming didn’t you?
Loss of limb, the diagnoses of a previously unheard of illness, you know the sort of excuse you’d use to get out of school exams and we understand, we really do. This is what we have compiled a list of links for you to some of the films and blogs of animators  featured here during Flip 09…

Steve Irwin – The Black Dog’s Progress


Jake Armstrong – The Terrible Thing of Alpha-9!

Virginia Mori – Play of Silence

Bang yao liu – Deadline

Kristian Andrews – Rabbit Punch

Ed Barrett – Man Up

Taku Kimura – Kudan

Chris Warren – Vegetable Panic

Natasha Deighton – The Heistlands

Paul Barlow – Tuk Tuk


Fraser Ntukula – Tito the Armadillo

Daniel Austin – My Name Is Tom

Michael Eaton- Old Black Crow

Needless to say with my stop motion centric mind the ones using this type of animation were my favourite, but you can make up your own minds.


Steph x

Flip Animation Challenge

boy-4As part on the Flip programme for Thursday, the wonderful Myles Mcloed of the esteemed Brothers McLeod ran a day long Scriptwriting For Animation Workshop with the view to creating a whole bunch of scripts that I could post up here for you lovely lot to animate as part of the Flip Animation Challenge. The other half of this dynamic duo Greg McLeod would then also choose one or maybe two to animate when he takes up the position of animator in residence on Friday.

Well I was hoping for a nice simple word document or maybe a downloadable PDF to post but instead I got given a pile of paper at the end of today, just before I was due to leave for home and was  asked to “put those online for everyone to see”. Now as much as I’d like to spend my Thursday evening typing up scripts I kind of already had important plans, so we came up with a solution…

Follow this link to Light House’s Flickr page and the “Script Writing” group where you will find hi-res images that you can download of the script of your choice. Click on one of the images,  then on the top of the screen choose view all sizes and taa daaa you can download it to read. Not the most conventional way of doing thingsI know….but it’s worked!

In addition to the scripts available over of Flickr we also had two further pieces sent into us by more conventional methods which you can find by following these links:

Dead White

The Fire Dragon

You have until 5pm on Saturday 7th November to post your finished animations online over on the vimeo group with all completed films being screen at 7pm on the 7th at the festival!!

Steph x

Flip as landed….

Opening night tomorrow, We look forward to seeing you all here over the next 3 days!!

Flip @ Artsfest

This weekend is Birmingham’s annual festival of all things creative Artsfest, and along with thousands of others the father of Flip himself Peter, shall be in attendance.

Not only will Peter be going to spread the word of Flip far and wide to anyone that will listen, he is also part of the programme!

Should you wish to hear Peter speak and catch a round up of last years Flip submissions you can see him Saturday at 12 in Ron Barber Studio at The Crescent Theatre, Sheepcote Street (Click for HERE for map)

There is a futher screening on the Sunday which unfortunatley contrary to the Artsfests published guide Peter can not attend.

Saturday, 12.00PM
Broad Street, Brindleyplace & Cambridge Street The Crescent Theatre – Ron Barber Studio

Flip Presents. Flip Animation Festival is now in its sixth year and the quality of films just seems to get better and better. Here are some of the best. Look out for more from Flip on Sunday afternoon too. Terrafarmer (Dir. Will Adams); This Way Up (Dir. Smith & Foulkes); Alien Abduction (Dir. David Han); KJFG NO.5 (Dir. Alexei Alexeev); Muto (Dir. Blu) – Lost Cargo (Dir. Pieter Engles); Showcasing WeVee – Personal reflections on the region’s archive film edited to music.

Sunday, 12.45PM
Broad Street, Brindleyplace & Cambridge Street The Crescent Theatre – Ron Barber Studio

Flip Presents… Bertha & Bruno (Dir. Michael Rokes) – Love Story (Dir. Lena Von Dohren) – Monster Movie (Dir. Stephen Hammond) – Codswallop (The Brothers McLeod) – Small Bird Singing (Dir. Linda McCarthy) – One Nice Family Photo (Dir. Tom Senior) – Pencil Tree (Dir. Niki Naroz) – Wire and Bows (Dir. Andrew Brand) – The Weatherman (Dir. Will Becher) – Small Thoughts (Dir. James Clarke, Daniel Howe & Robert Green) – My First Crush (Dir. Julia Pott)

For a full round up of all Artfest events and to view their online programme visit their website http://www.artsfest.org.uk


Flipping the Lid

This year’s Flip includes a mini invasion by me and brother Greg. Yes, Peter has let us (The Brothers McLeod) loose on putting together a programme of short animations for the festival. We’ve picked a bunch of animations that have inspired, interested, amused or shocked us in one way or another. It should be a very varied screening with practically no common thread between the films other than we like them and hope they’ll inspire you too.

Thanks go to Holly who’s actually doing all the leg work finding out whether the films are available and requesting them for the festival.

I don’t think we’ve selected anything by any local filmmakers (that could be a whole other programme!), but I do hope they will be well represented. While in Annecy, local animator Sarra Hornby showed me her latest award winning animation on her iPhone. And now I’m showing it to you! Enjoy.

String Feary from Sarra Hornby on Vimeo.


Hi, my name is Steph and I’ve been invited by Peter, “the Flip Master” himself,  to blog on this here website.

I work with Peter at Light House, I can be found loitering around reception answering phones and generally smiling like a goon at everyone who comes in. I’m responsible for, amongst other things, keeping all Light House’s social media up to date, the blog, facebook, myspace, twitter etc, and now this too.

I thought I’d ease myself gently into the world of Flip by stopping by, saying a quick hello and posting a video of a brilliant use of stop motion animation, in a wedding invite. At 4 mins 15 secs he must have really loved his wife to be to put this much effort in….