So – It’s all change!

Work for Flip 2010 is well under way with submissions pouring into Flip HQ from all over the world.

Not content with keeping ourselves busy with the deludge of mail and animations to trawl through, we also decided that this year not only would our web page get a whole new look – it would also get a whole new home so we’ve moved sites and servers.

So now we have a new home to decorate, make coffee in and talk about all things Flip.Please visit for your regular updates from the Flip team.

Steph xxx


Flip Submission Deadline

Just a quick reminder to all: the submission deadline for this year’s Flip Festival is the 9th July….that’s just four days away!

So pop those films in the post in the next couple of days if you want the chance for your film to be in the Open Shorts section in November. I look forward to getting your film…


London Animation Festival

best of Flip 2008

we had a Best of Flip screening on the Tuesday (21 July) at Light House. Lots of people came along and everyone looked happy. I was particularly pleased that Linda McCarthy was able to make it and she wowed the crowd with her models and tiny elephants. We should do this more often


and the winner is…

congratulations to Joe Lea, winner of this year’s Great Animation Challenge. Norman McLaren meets Space Invaders as one of the judges described it.

cats and animation

I came across this nice little animation via the new 4mations site, from the people at Trunk Animation I think, who we featured here at Flip a couple of years back. Anyway, it’s got me thinking again about my special project to programme a screening around animation and cats. I think we could do a whole festival on the theme. Who’s behind me?

Thanks Everyone!

The Flip team would like to say a huge thanks to everyone who came to the festival last weekend. As you will agree the festival programme was especially fantastic this year. The highlights for me were the launch at TIC where we heard from Camilla Deakin about the new animation content site 4mations and had a lively discussion from the digital movers and shakers from the region.

dsc03316Osbert Parker & Sam Moore

Osbert Parker, interviewed by Sam Moore was a real treat, he was extremely charismatic and inspirational. To see his films ‘Film Noir’ and ‘Yours Truly’ on the big screen was very special. For those of you who didn’t manage to make it to that screening, you missed out but here is an extract from ‘Yours Truly’ on YouTube.

dsc03323The Doctor Who Panel

Flip 08 ended with a party hosted by Colour (read Matthew’s write up) which was a perfect end to the festival weekend with live music from Epic45 and Limechalks, homemade cakes and visuals.


We have recorded a few short interviews with some of the speakers and filmmakers over the weekend and will be putting them up on the blog soon. If you have recorded any video or taken any photographs at the festival please get in touch, or put a link in the comments.

Many, Many thanks to all the people who make Flip possible and all of the partners and sponsors.