So – It’s all change!

Work for Flip 2010 is well under way with submissions pouring into Flip HQ from all over the world.

Not content with keeping ourselves busy with the deludge of mail and animations to trawl through, we also decided that this year not only would our web page get a whole new look – it would also get a whole new home so we’ve moved sites and servers.

So now we have a new home to decorate, make coffee in and talk about all things Flip.Please visit for your regular updates from the Flip team.

Steph xxx


Flip Submission Deadline

Just a quick reminder to all: the submission deadline for this year’s Flip Festival is the 9th July….that’s just four days away!

So pop those films in the post in the next couple of days if you want the chance for your film to be in the Open Shorts section in November. I look forward to getting your film…


Flip Animation Challenge 1

Written and animated at this years Flip.

Bostin Heroes @ Flip

Have you heard of Bostin Heroes, if not WHY NOT!!

Bostin Heroes whose aims are…

“Raising a positive and local regional pride, Bostin Heroes champions the Black Country and Birmingham through an online comic blog.”,

…and are based right here in the Black Country, home of all things Flip. They have a lovely about page over on their website which gives you a lot more information than I have time to here but you really should check them out.

If you already have tickets for, or are thinking of dropping by to this weekends festival you can catch the guys at their Bostin Heroes stand right here at Light House, Where you can see some of their work or just to say hi, or in true Black Country style – “Yam alroight!”- they’re a lovely bunch so I’m sure they don’t bite!

If the only think stopping you coming over is a worry about understanding our bostin’ Black Country dialect never fear I have done my research for you and you can bookmark this handy translator for use while in attendance… ‘Ow we spake do-wn ‘ere’ or read up on what the BBC has to say about the area here.

Steph x

Flip as landed….

Opening night tomorrow, We look forward to seeing you all here over the next 3 days!!

portfollio reviews back at Flip

Portfolio Review Sessions   6 November, 4.30

Flip is looking for animators to get their showreel reviewed at this year’s festival. We introduced this session last year for the first time and it went down very well. It’s a great opportunity to get your showreel seen by professionals, to get expert feedback and to open doors to new and valuable contacts. The idea (and the catch!) is that you present your showreel to a panel in front of a live audience who also receive the benefit of the panels’ wisdom. The session is supported by Business Link West Midlands. An adviser will provide all 6 animators at this session with creative business support and in addition Business Link West Midlands will also be available to offer advice and guidance to any creative business attending during the day.

 This is only open to animators based in the West Midlands. Interested? contact Peter McLuskie,, 01902 716055

The World of Arthur Cox

Flip is delighting to be able to welcome director and producer Sarah Cox, from the award winning ArthurCox studio into our programme.

Originally started by Sally Arthur and Sarah Cox in 2002, the Bristol based studio has since grown in size and diversity and has become a home to many other award winning directors and animators, including: Matthew Walker,  ‘John and Karen’ (Cartoon d’Or nominee 08); Sally Arthur, ‘A-Z’ (Best Documentary Rushes festival 08); Felix Massie  ‘Keith Reynolds Can’t Make it Tonight’; Mark Simon Hewis, ‘The Life Size Zoetrope’ and Fig Roll, ‘Little Face’.

Flip will launch with a screening of work by the studio including short films, broadcast and commercial work, followed by an ‘in conversation’ discussion chaired by Greg McLeod, from the Brother’s McLeod.