So – It’s all change!

Work for Flip 2010 is well under way with submissions pouring into Flip HQ from all over the world.

Not content with keeping ourselves busy with the deludge of mail and animations to trawl through, we also decided that this year not only would our web page get a whole new look – it would also get a whole new home so we’ve moved sites and servers.

So now we have a new home to decorate, make coffee in and talk about all things Flip.Please visit for your regular updates from the Flip team.

Steph xxx


In transition

It’s that time again where we look at getting ready for the new year’s festival and while Peter sits at his desk talking to animators and designers and universities and who knows who else about a whole lot things I don’t understand, I sit at mine playing with the website – adding and changing things as I’m instructed (and sometimes when I’m not) to gear up for the deluge of new information that were going to supply you with about Flip 2010.

This post is just a “bare with us while were making these changes” – you may sometimes notice a page go off line for it to reappear moments later or things not where you left them on your last visit;  All I can say is it will all be worth it in end but in the mean time enjoy this picture of a cartoon cat because, hey, who doesn’t love a cartoon cat?

Simon's Cat

Steph xxx

New Site

SO, as you may have noticed, we have a new look, and a new home, kind of, the original website address is in use still but all our information is here in one place.

What do you think?

Personally I like it, it so much nicer having all our information under one domain and the new header, WOW!! The lovely folks at A Man and Ink the illustrators and Rob Hildreth who has bought it all together, have done us proud.

Now I’ve just got to start adding content, and looking forward to Flip 2009.

Steph x

Flip Branding

It’s that time of year again, when we’ve been thinking about what Flip 09 branding will look like.

Usually this side of things is a result of a bit of planning and lots of luck. In the past we have seen images and art work from actual films or animators that we like and have adapted it for flyers, web banners, etc. You can imagine that process, not something you can actually plan for.

This year I’ve been a bit more proactive in terms of looking for animators and artwork and I came up trumps with A Man and Ink, who first caught my eye because they had already branded a film festival. Anyway, those goodfellas at A Man and Ink have been working on some artwork, which we’ve been drooling over here at Flip HQ for the past couple of weeks now. On top of that though, we’ve ‘discovered’ a fantastic designer, Rob Hildreth, who put the artwork together and Flip 09 promises, if nothing else, to produce some great flyers, T shirts and badges….Watch this space…

…all will be revealed on Monday 6 July.