WOW, How many?

Crikey you go off sick for a short while and come back to a deluge! Peter’s desk has disappeared under a tidal wave of packages and despite the closing date having already passed still them come.

There are now approximately 200 entries to this years flip and my, what a mammoth task Peter and the judges have to process them all. I don’t envy them one bit It’s time consuming enough to be adding them to the flip map (more to be added soon) once they’ve been processed let alone sit, watch and have to review every single one!

Now for something not so different from me….Stop Motion.

While I was out in quarantine my colleague Ren sent  me a link to stop motion animation set to the dulcet tones of Bloc Party. This made me feel better for two reasons. I like stop motion and I like Bloc Party, and although I know I promised to be more varied with my postings with my first post on my return it felt fitting to share!

Steph x


best of Flip 2008

we had a Best of Flip screening on the Tuesday (21 July) at Light House. Lots of people came along and everyone looked happy. I was particularly pleased that Linda McCarthy was able to make it and she wowed the crowd with her models and tiny elephants. We should do this more often


and the winner is…

congratulations to Joe Lea, winner of this year’s Great Animation Challenge. Norman McLaren meets Space Invaders as one of the judges described it.

cats and animation

I came across this nice little animation via the new 4mations site, from the people at Trunk Animation I think, who we featured here at Flip a couple of years back. Anyway, it’s got me thinking again about my special project to programme a screening around animation and cats. I think we could do a whole festival on the theme. Who’s behind me?

Out of Hours: Animation

Out of Hours: Animation

21 July, 7 – 10.30pm

Admission Free

This evening we are presenting an exciting infusion of animation treats:beginning at 7pm with the very best of Flip 2008, featuring winners from last year’s festival, including Skhizein, which has just notched up its 50th festival award. The screening will be followed by a Q & A with stop motion Animator Linda McCarthy from Tiny Elephants, whose films have been selected for a number of high profile festivals, including Annecy Melbourne and Edinburgh.

Image from Small Birds Singing by Linda McCarthy

Best of Flip 2008

Image from Muto by Blu

Best of Flip 2008

Following this, the results of The Great Animation Challenge will be announced and the winning films screened in the courtyard area. Animation Forum WM, Flip and Imagine Magazine have teamed up for The Great Animation Challenge, a competition which gives animators tracks from several up and coming bands to download and animate to. The evening will continue with drinks and networking.

Image from Fax of Death by Joe Lea

The Great Animation Challenge

Image from Underwater Fax of Death by Sam Moore

The Great Animation Challenge

Light House has been supported to develop its media and film education activity and establish itself as an Education Hub through Screen WM’s Investment Fund with funds from The National Lottery through the UK Film Council.

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New Site

SO, as you may have noticed, we have a new look, and a new home, kind of, the original website address is in use still but all our information is here in one place.

What do you think?

Personally I like it, it so much nicer having all our information under one domain and the new header, WOW!! The lovely folks at A Man and Ink the illustrators and Rob Hildreth who has bought it all together, have done us proud.

Now I’ve just got to start adding content, and looking forward to Flip 2009.

Steph x

The Great Animation Challenge

The Great Animation Challenge closed on monday and I’m relieved to say we had some submissions. Not as many as I’d hoped for, well lets say 12. But nevermind it’s not the size of your competition that matters but the quality. And there are some pretty nice looking animations in there. See for yourself. Oh, and do come along to the Great Animation Festival screening on the 21 July, meet lots of animators (and some normal people) and see some great films.